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The Kingdom of God A six-part series

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A Six-Part Series by: 

 Pastor David Rodriguez, MA,BCBT, 

  1.  What constitutes a Kingdom?
  2. Understanding the Kingdom
  3. Entering the Kingdom (Present)
  4. Entering the Kingdom (Future)
  5. Establishing the Kingdom
  6. Expanding the Kingdom


False Ministry in the Church

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In this series Pastor Rodriguez presents the biblical portrait of the five -fold ministry listed in Ephesians 4:11. No appeal is made to any denominational handbook or traditional understanding of these office gifts. The New Testament alone is sufficient to explain these offices and their function in the church. But each of these ministries has a counterfeit that must be exposed. Pastor Rodriguez calls upon Christians to exercise discernment in the type of ministry they support.

  1. Spiritual Deception Exposed
  2. Apostles-True and False
  3. Prophets -True and False
  4. Evangelists-True and False
  5. Pastors-True and False
  6. Teachers-True and False


The Lord Supper

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A Four -Part Series By: 

 Pastor David Rodriguez, MA,BCBT, 

  1. Defining Our Terms
  2. Differing Vies of The Eucharist
  3. "Guarding the Table"
  4. The Biblical Reality


When Religion Hurts

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  1. Recognizing Spiritual Abuse
  2. Characteristics of abusive churches
  3. Philosophy of abusive leadership
  4. Impact of false religious leadership
  5. The pre-abuse setup
  6. Abuse and distorted images of God


 Pastor David Rodriguez, MA,BCBT, CCMFT, CBA